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Data Science  

See all your bets in one platform with zero manual data entry. Make more informed bets with detailed statistics. Create new betting systems with flexible data exploration tools.


Resources for Bankroll Management & Building a Wager Playbook

Fade the Public

When the majority of the money has been placed on one side, it is considered the public bet which can be profitable to fade if…

Chasing Steam

When there is a sudden, large swing in the pricing of odds for an event, this might be an indication that a sharp bettor or professional syndicate has…

Arbitrage Betting

If the total payout from combining the odds from all the possible outcomes using multiple sportsbooks is greater than the cost of placing the bets…


Powerful Tools to Analyze Data and Build Models

Bet Tracker

Monitor all bets that are placed to study patterns and perform analysis

Hedge Calculator

Evaluate locking in a fixed profit for bets that may not win

Odds Converter

Determine the implied probability of odds and convert to different types of odds

Parlay Calculator

Calculate payouts and odds when grouping multiple bets together

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